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Birzebbuga Beach - Pretty Bay
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Birzebbuga is located in the south-eastern part of Malta. The capital, Valletta, is located approx. 13 kilometres to the north, whereas the international airport in Malta is located a few kilometres to the northwest.

The beach in general
Birzebbuga has a wonderful beach with the well-earned name Pretty Bay.

The beach is approx. 200 metres long and has fine-grained, bright sand. The water is relatively shallow and the bay is effectively protecting the beach against waves and undercurrents.

It is possible to rent sun lounges and sunshades at the beach. The beach also has access to toilets, but no showers to wash off the salt water. During the high season, the beach is supervised by a lifeguard.

Behind the beach, there is a lovely area with nice buildings, palm trees and benches. The only drawback is the free port with its large ships and cranes, which are visible directly from the beach.

The beach in Birzebbuga is extremely child-friendly. Behind the beach, there is a big playground, a football pitch with fencing and eight big trampolines.

Water sports activities
During the high season, it is possible to rent a few water bikes, but otherwise, there are no water sports activities at the beach.

Beach restaurants
The charming buildings behind the beach include several cafés and restaurants. The best restaurant in town, Reno's Fishbone Restaurant, is also located right next to the beach.

Birzebbuga holiday resort
On a Maltese scale, Birzebbuga is a medium-sized seaport with approx. 11,000 permanent inhabitants. Recently, the population has increased in line with the increased activity in the harbour.

The central point of the town is the beach and the nice area behind the beach. This area includes a number of cafés, restaurants and shops as well as the two churches in town. Another central point is the marina in the northern part of the town where you can enjoy the view from St. George’s Park.

If possible, the town should be visited during the first weekend in August. At this time, you can experience a typical Maltese town fair with music, processions and a lot of stalls.


Pretty Bay

Birzebbuga Malta

Birzebbuga beach

Birzebbuga map
The lovely sand beach is located in the central part of the map. Further down to the right, you can see some of the giant free port. The town marina is located a bit further to the north.


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